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PAN Poetry & Art Night
April, 2012

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Blackberry Mountain Studio. ....Fine Art by Barb Weisenburg

a solo exhibition by Barbara Block Weisenburg

Blind Side, is a show that explores opposites. The artist has always been intrigued by opposites. She feels that the life experience certainly contains some rather unsettling contrasts presenting a spectrum between good and evil, birth and death, and light and dark. Coupled with these polar forces are the elements of surprise, curiosity and mystery.  To convey life’s duality, she has chosen to depict these opposites on actual blinds that then open to another scene painted on a canvas beneath. The show features twelve “Blind Side” installations.

My creativity is reaction.
It can be my personal reaction to a moment of beauty, to expressathing in a new discovery and my creation is the EXHALE, the outpouring of soul that results in new work.

I have been operating my studio, Blackberry Mountain, since the 70’s in various locations. I had a studio in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula for many years which inspired my love for landscapes and painting “plein air.” Blackberry Mountain is now located on the third floor of our house, which is indeed on a Milford Mountain, next to the site where the Native Americans had their summer gardens many years ago. I started my painting journey with acrylics, changed to watercolor when my children were young, and recently have been working with acrylics and oil again. I attended Michigan State University as an art major. enjoy diversity as an artist and like to experiment with different media to keep myself excited and fresh. I also enjoy teaching art to all ages and feel that teaching is an inspiration to my art work as well. I enjoy collaborating with artists of different disciplines and setting deadlines for myself. Art is hard work and I work hard at it. I try to travel to different locations periodically for artistic inspiration (traded houses for a 2 month sojourn in Queensland Australia, Port Clyde Maine, Mackinac Island to name a few). I also try to schedule specific shows every several years to force myself to complete a body of work.

Where am I going with all this? Looking back on my path, the key elements of keeping going were
generating new interest and excitement and then setting a deadline that forced me to produce. To quote or misquote some of my young students, “My work might never grace the world stage but the art I’ve travelled’s sure been good to me.

Feel free to browse the site and find paintings for sale, more information on the exciting BRIDGE (Broad Roots Interactive Delivery Guaranteed Enjoyment) project, and find out more about the artist's philosophy. We hope to see you in the studio sometime soon!

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Art & Life Gallery
City Gallery
Fenton Artists Guild
First Friday, Milford
Gallery 194
Huron Valley Council for the Arts
Lawrence Street Gallery
Main Street Art
Manistique Art Fair
Milford Memories
Milford Township Library
Poetry and Art Night
Portia's Gallery
The Artists Project
Valley Deli
Views and Vision
Waterford Cultural Council
Waterford Town Hall
Waterford Art Show

Appalachian Cultural Exchange
Getty Fellowship
Michigan Touring Arts
and Humanities  Catalogue
Multicultural Diversity
School Beautification
Waterford Foundation

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