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Blackberry Mountain Studio. .... Biography

Barb Weisenburg Black Berry Mountain Studio
Photo by Gerry Pas

From a love of painting at an early age came a passion for art that transformed into a fulfilling career. Located in Milford, Michigan, Blackberry Mountain Studios and Barbara Weisenburg have been a part of the local art scene for many years. As a talented artist whose patience and skill make her a natural teacher, Ms. Weisenburg's presence in Milford has made an impact both on students and those who appreciate fine art.

A Bachelor's from Michigan State University, a Master's from Oakland University, studying at universities in Santa Fe and Cranbrook and an interest in lifelong learning helped develop Ms. Weisenburg's natural ability, and her desire to show others ways to express themselves through art, helps her enjoy new students of all ages.

A fine arts teacher in the Waterford School District for many years, Ms. Weisenburg has much experience working with children and bringing out the natural ability of any artist. Apart from being an instructor, she has also owned her own studio for 20 years, and is a musician who plays guitar and clarinet.

Associated Professional Organizaitons:

Huron Valley Council for the Arts
Michigan Artists Guild
Michigan Watercolor Society
Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors
(Milford) Village Fine Arts Association
Michigan Art Education Association
Michigan Humanities Council
Waterford Cultural Council