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Blackberry Mountain Studio. .... Bridge Project


As America's educational emphasis on art and the humanities is revitalized, many artists and musicians come together to create new and thought-provoking ways to invite people to participate in learning. Benefit concerts, individuals' private donations and large-scale projects have been underway to promote their resurgance and recognition, yet there are perhaps none as effective as those which are done at the grass-roots level.

Bringing cultural, historical and social awareness to the public on a basic level sparks an interest in one's own heritage, and makes it possible for us to cherish and respect those past times which brought us to the present. When this interest is combined with the ability to express oneself through art and music, a whole new realm of possibility for appreciating life opens up.

This is part of the mission of the BRIDGE project, to "Empower individuals to explore and express their own voices through the creative arts." Through interactive presentations which both teach and inspire, Bridge artists work together to make hands-on activities a new and effective way for schools to assist then in meeting the family involvement and arts and humanities requirements of Education Yes!.

Founding BRIDGE artists Barbara Weisenburg, Michigan's Troubadour Neil Woodward, and dancer Sheila Graziano work together to bring the BRIDGE project to groups statewide. Woodward was awarded the Creative Artist Grant by the Arts Foundation of Michigan, received nine awards from the Detroit Music Awards, and whose work has been catalogued by the Library of Congress Office of Folklife, State of Michigan Library and the Archives of the State of Michigan. Together, they bring the BRIDGE project to groups of students statewide.

Through concerts, exhibitions, workshops and residencies BRIDGE can bring the joy of art, music and education to your community. A sampling of programs available are "Michigan Through the Eyes of a Song," Ancient Legends As Art, and The Strings Sing. Pricing varies and grants are available to help bring BRIDGE to you.

To find out more about how the Bridge project can be brought to your community, contact Barbara Wesenburg.