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210 Main Street
Milford MI
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Flint Institue of Arts

Main Street Art

PAN Poetry & Art Night
April, 2012

Art & Life Gallery

Solo Exhibit Aug 2012
HVCA Steeple Gallery

Blackberry Mountain Studio. .... Mission

It is the mission of Blackberry Mountain Studio to produce art that enables artists to find their own voice and express their art through individual and collaborative creation, and to empower others on their own artistic journey.

The only prerequisite for art-making is passion. We believe that any serious student is capable of making an incredible artist of themselves when they commit to working to match their passion. Talent, without dedication, does not serve an artist.

In our busy lives, it is easy to get out of touch with the inner self, but the focused, settling effects of practicing art can help people become more aware of themselves. It is the mission of Blackberry Mountain Studio is to contribute to the greater peace of the world through fostering individual self-expression in art.